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ACCS registration: trainees and trainers 2011

The Intercollegiate Committee for Acute Care Common Stem Training (ICACCST) is building a register of ACCS trainees and trainers with the aim of fostering professional links across parent specialties and Deaneries. We also aim to increase awareness of new and developing ACCS resources. Please sign up to the register in order to participate in building a valuable network for ACCS. See link for details

Welcome to the national training website for the Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) speciality training programme. This website is intended to provide information and resources for current trainees and those looking to apply for ACCS training and is endorsed by the Acute Care Common Stem national training committee.

As a new and growing speciality, ACCS is continually developing - as are the pages of this website. Please be aware that local deanery requirements may be different to those specified here which are based on the ACCS curriculum and current guidance. If in doubt please check with your educational supervisor.

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